Rise and Shine Equine LLC

Certified Equine and Canine sports Massage Therapy

Rise and ​Shine Equine LLC​

Welcome to  Gaining a Competitive Edge 

For your Horses and Dogs

I would LOVE to help your Horses, Dogs and Livestock be at their best in competition and just everyday living. 

Here's where you start.

Determine what you want to achieve.

                                                      I can help them out by finding their balance. 

 I can help them with their muscle soreness, stiffness, inflammation.                      This could be form stress to  damage of a body tissue. 

 Improve injury recovery 


Why Choose Me?


I can work with your animals to enhance muscle tone and increase range of motion.

  •  Balance the body by treating the whole body rather than each individual muscle.
  •  Reduce inflammation and     swelling in the joints.
  •  Stimulate circulation.

" Defrosting frozen muscles"

and releasing endorphins, naturally. Improve circulation and increases the excretion  of toxins through the skin

Why Horse​​s Love​'s Massages?

By applying the techniques of the healing art. you will experience the wonderfully unique satisfaction that comes from providing needed relief to this most noble animal athlete... who gives so much and asks for so little in return.


Contact Me



 3124 Tennessee Rd

Ottawa Kansas 66067


Julie Frank

(913) 915-2399

info [email protected].com


Monday - Saturday: call or Text to schedule appointment .

You can find me on Facebook at Riseandshinellc

Certified Equine and Canine from  Equissage -2019

Service Prices

Daily Services


Plus Barn fees each time

3  Sessions


Best for General Upkeep

Plus Barn fees each time

4 Sessions


Best for paying all at once package  

Plus Barn fees each time

He Loves his Massages*** He had both hind end knee surgeries and with therapy and massages he came back 100% from his vet check

Mr. Blaze

Massaging Gluteus*** This gets the forward movement and hind end action

Mr. Teddy

Air Gapping the poll and jaw*** This flexes and getting the blood flowing in the poll and the jawline.  You can have air to get blood flowing. If they can feel a FLY  they can feel air gap.

Ms  Ciara